Covid-19 Roadmap

  • We will keep this simple, we are working to ensure that your safety and that of our team comes first.
  • The world has changed and this is our response, our roadmap outlining how we are working to adapt and what that will mean for your Menagerie experience.
  • We kindly ask that you cooperate with our Covid Guidelines to protect yourself and others, for this to work it will be a joint effort.

What you need to know before you dine with us:

  • · We are currently only able to accept bookings for up to 6 guests both inside and outside. These 6 people, including adults and children.
  • · Please check in with reservations at reception and use our hand sanitiser pod. A team member shall take you to be seated at your table.
  • · We will require name and contact details of one member of your party, which will be stored for 21 days to support NHS Test & Trace. These details will be held confidentially and deleted after the given period.
  • · Our team will be wearing masks. Guests are also needed to wear masks when they enter the hotel and when moving around in order to be seated, when leaving and visiting the bathroom. Whilst seated at a table, masks can be removed. Guests in the garden do not need to wear masks, but do if they enter the hotel at any time.
  • · Throughout the entirety of your experience we will ask you to maintain a 1 metre distance from other parties & staff.
  • · Please kindly do not let children wander around the venue and please accompany them when visiting the bathroom.
  • · There will be a one - way route through the venue with guests entering through the main Hotel reception, visiting the bathroom and exiting the venue through our Terrace Bar side doors.
  • · Once you have been shown to your table we ask that you remain at your table other than to visit the bathroom. There will be no bar service, we shall bring everything to the table.
  • · If you are going to the bathroom or leaving the venue please follow our one-way system through the venue.
  • · Bathrooms; guests will be asked to queue outside the bathrooms. The bathrooms shall be thoroughly cleaned every 30 minutes.
  • We want to reassure you that there’s regular thorough cleaning throughout the hotel; all our team will be washing their hands every twenty minutes and sanitising ‘touch points’ every half an hour. The tables and chairs will be cleaned after each customer.
  • · To avoid cross contamination menus will only be used once and then recycled.
  • · We will bring cutlery to the table with your food and provide disposable napkins, these will also be recycled after use.
  • · We respectfully ask that you pay by contactless, credit/debit card wherever possible.
  • · Please kindly refrain from moving furniture around. Please ask a team member for assistance.
  • · We are only permitted to serve until 10pm, please kindly leave the venue by this time.
  • · If you feel at all unwell, please save your visit for another day.

Enhanced Hygiene

What are we doing to ensure we maintain a hygienic environment:

  • Staff temperature checks on arrival at work
  • · Hand sanitiser stations on arrival and around the venue
  • Enhanced cleaning procedures across the venue
  • Deep cleans between sittings
  • 20 minute regular hand wash protocol for staff
  • · Application of Zoono** 30 day protective surface shield throughout the entire
  • venue, proven to be 99.9% affective at destroying covid-19 upon contact.
  • · NanoSeptic continuously self cleaning surfaces to cover heavily handled areas such
  • as door handles
  • · Personal protective equipment & screens for staff, face shields and masks where appropriate and gloves for specific duties (handling deliveries & waste, food preparation, reservations desk.)
  • · Sterilisation of crockery, cutlery and glassware.
  • · Hourly cleaning checklist relating to waiter stations, POS screens and equipment
  • Personal staff pre-shift checklists
  • For our team:
  • Staggered arrivals for shifts
  • One person at a time in the staff room
  • Staff change into uniform on-site
  • Working in team bubbles
  • · New procedures for taking deliveries and handling waste
  • Kitchen and bar teams side by side working

Corporate Fun Days

Corporate Fun days

We subtly combine great food and excellent service with modern needs, friendly faces and copious space. Our Idyllic setting and unparalleled service makes us an ideal destination to take your team out the office for some fun.

The gardens have played host to many teambuilding activities organised by companies, or by specialist event firms whom we are happy to recommend.With a host of exciting catering options for when you take that important break, you are sure to make this an annual date in your work calendar.



    BBQ chicken drumsticks
    Beef burgers
    Oxfordshire Sausages
    Hot and Spicy Chicken Wings
    Vegetarian burgers or sausage
    *All served with assorted salads/ pasta, mixed leaves, tomato & onion, coleslaw & hot new potatoes
    (select 2 dessert options)
    Lemon cheesecake
    Chocolate fudge cake
    Homemade profiteroles with chocolate sauce
    Fruit salad

    Lamb Balti
    Chicken tikka masala
    Vegetable Korma
    Sweet chilli and orange glazed new potatoes
    Smoked duck and vegetable wok fried noodles
    Pilau rice
    Houmous with selection of breads (pitta and naan)
    Selection of chutneys and pickles
    Prawn crackers and poppadums
    Gulab Jaman
    Lemon cheesecake

    A spit roasted hog in large floured baps
    Bramley apple sauce/sage and onion stuffing/Bowls of chunky chips
    Vegetarian sausages (v)

Add Desserts for a supplement

Mini home-made profiteroles
Mini fruit meringues
Mini chocolate brownies
Mini Fruit cheesecakes
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